We encourage you to download our application, it’s really worth it, because you will have all the details about the event on your phone and easily accessible.

⇒ With one click you can navigate to the facilities (e.g. EXPO, Race Office, Start / Finish Zone).

⇒ You can check the agenda.

⇒ You can see your location on the map in relation to the track of the route – if you run off the route somewhere, just turn on the app and check your location.

⇒ If you or another runner suffers an accident / injury, you can call for help of mountain rescue with one click.

⇒ The application is also tracking and live coverage. In one place you can follow competitors and read what’s happening on the route!

The application can be downloaded using the QR code, which is located on the graphic above or by downloading the MEETING APLICATION application from the store on your smartphone, and then entering: Biegi w Szczawnicy.