Distance 43.3 km
Elevation +1925 m/-1925 m
Date June 18-20, 2021
Location of start Szczawnica, Hotel Szczawnica Park Resort & Spa
Location of finish Szczawnica, Hotel Szczawnica Park Resort & Spa
Start time 9:00
Time limit 9 hours
Limit of participants 700 people
Entrance fee 40 EUROS
ITRA Points 2 / Mountain level: 5 / Finisher level: 340
Points to Bieg Granią Tatr 2 / Mountain level: 5

Refreshment points
Przechyba Mountain Shelter Ca. 13,5 km
Obidza Mountain Shelter Ca. 23,5 km.
Mountain Shelter under Durbaszka Ca. 33,5 km

Route description
The “marathon” begins on the promenade at Grajcarek river in Szczawnica. The route goes along yellow trail in the direction of Dzwonkówka, at which it changes trail to red and continues to Shelter on Przechyba, where the first refreshment point is located. Later the route takes us through Radziejowa, next to Wielki Rogacz and to the second point located in Shelter on Obidza. From here the route goes back to the pass (app. 500 m) and then along blue trail in the direction of Małe Pieniny, beautiful ridge with open view. After the peek of Wysoka the route goes off the trail, down to the Shelter under Durbaszka (third refreshment point). From here the route goes mostly flat or downhill, but there are a few little steep peeks. After the peek of Szafranówka the route turns right in the path off the trail and finally it brings us to the promenade and the finish line.