Distance 32.4 km
Elevation +1550 m/-1550 m
Date June 18-20, 2021
Location of start Szczawnica, Hotel Szczawnica Park Resort & Spa
Location of finish Szczawnica, Hotel Szczawnica Park Resort & Spa
Time of start
Time limit 8 hours
Limit of participants 500 people
Entrance fee 32 EUROS
ITRA points to be announced

Punkty żywieniowe
Mountain Shelter on Przehyba Ca. 14,4 km
Mountain Shelter under Durbaszka Ca. 24,6 km

Description of the course
The new course ispartly based on the already existing pieces of other courses, between which the connector will be the most beautiful ridge on the southern slopes of Przehyba. The beginning leads to the Mountain Shelter on Przehyba and at the same time the first refreshments point in the same way as the courses of the Niepokorny Mnich, Dziki Groń and Wielka Prehyba. Instead of turning left a few hundred meters after the shelter, we choose the right option - a cross-country trail leading to Szlachtowa. The downhill quickly leads us into the open space with a beautiful view of the Little Pieniny Mountains and the Tatra Mountains emerging from behind them, then for some time the trail leads through the forest in order to lead us to open halls in the second part and at the same time to one of the prettiest places in the area. After about 7 km of downhill and 600 meters of elevation loss, we cross the asphalt road connecting Szczawnica and Jaworki and start the second climb (about + 350m) along the Hardy Rolling course to the Mountain Shelter under Durbaszka and the second nutrition point. From this point, all courses except Niepokorny Mnich already run together, so the end is known to everyone and goes along the ridge of the Little Pieniny mountains.